Mt. SAC Tournament

First tournament was today, I didn’t sleep a wink last night, even though I wasn’t wrestling…

Only like 8 guys on the team could wrestle because we could only find like 8 singlets! NONE of our stuff that we ordered came on time, no warmups, no headgear, no shoes, and 8 singlets from like 10 years ago that coach found in the back of the storage room!
Everyone met at like 5 in the morning to get on the bus. Most of the guys were cutting weight hard so they hadn’t eaten or drunk any water in like 5 days and were cranky and thristy and sleepy. 20 minutes on the road we were already there, waaay early. Jimmy, our 125lb guy, was ticked.

“See this is what happens when we get here early! Sit on a fucking bus!”

LOL. So the bus driver and the coaches get out and we’re all by ourselves, and a few of the guys decide to go push buttons in the drivers seat. One guy’s playing with the microphone, and another guy’s trying to lock the coaches out.

“You know what they say about people who press buttons,” I said.

“What do they say?”
“I don’t know.”

So weigh-in’s finally come and we are the most rag-tag team at this tournament! Everyone’s in matching warmups and and shoes and headgear and we’re all in shorts and different color tshirts, we might as well have been the rainbow team. We were going to put Cerritos Wrestling on a bunch of white t-shirts but we didn’t have enough t-shirts.

“Aight, Shane, Nicole, here are your jobs,” coach had to give the guys who weren’t wrestling jobs so that they could come to the tournament, “Shane, you’re the video guy. Nicole, remind me not to lose this medical bag!”

“Coach! Don’t lose the medical bag!”

“Thanks, but not right now! Good practice though.”

Eventually I ended up doing video anyway though because Shane did stats. Coach put Shane on stat’s because he just couldn’t bring himself to be that sexist as to put me on stats (lol). So I got the first duel, and third duel on tape (the second one I fell asleep…oops).

Dutsey, our 135lber, wrestled like a squirel on crank! I mean it was amazing watching the lightweights go at it, like they were doing flips in the air and they pull off hi-amp throws like nothing. Al, our 215 guy, is a lean mean wrestling machine and I think he’s done judo before seeing as he can hit an inside-thigh sweep on people.

Overall, we went 2-2 and practices are definately going to start getting harder. I had fun, now I’m going to take a shower and hit the hay, even though I didn’t wrestle I’ve been up all night and filming for 3 hours strait is easier said than done!

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