I Broke A Rule

I broke a rule

its a major social rule amongst athletes, but its much worse among guys.

I, a scrub, a walk-on, first year wrestler, told a State qualifier “good job.”

You just don’t do that. Its condecsending. When you tell someone better than you who is not your friend “good job,” it makes it seem like you think you’re in a position to tell him he did a good job….as if you know what a good job is….as if you know better than him.

All this after he came over to apologize for not shaking my hand after his match because he had a hurt shoulder. Shaking hands or a pat on the back is okay, but “good job” is not.

I said this about 2 weeks ago to the first guy who talked to me on the team. Before he knew I was a girl, he sat next to me at the all-athletes meeting in the gym, and after he found out I was a girl, he still paired up with me and drilled with me a little bit, it was never anything more than a little to begin with.

After I told him good job, we haven’t since made eye contact.

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