About The Author

HT: 6-0
WT: 150
Is looking to become the first woman to ever compete in wrestling at Cerritos College… Was a member of the Falcon swimming team last season… Named her high school’s Most Improved Wrestler as a senior… Also competed on the swimming team and was a member of the judo club… Most memorable moment is training for jujitsu under the legendary Gene LeBell and when she was able to get a semi-pro cage fighter to tap out on an arm bar… Father competed in swimming in high school, while her brother Jarrett (13) plays basketball… Is also working on a minor in zoology… Aspires to join the army and then become a journalist… Is a blue belt in jujitsu… Likes to draw and study art in her spare time… Nicknamed “Nik”… Has two other siblings – Anaya and Babette… Is the daughter of Vasel and Debi Pepaj… Born on June 5, 1987…..
Favorite Athlete:  Royce Gracie Favorite Movie:  “Unleashed”
Favorite Food:  Pizza Favorite TV Show:  “Ultimate Fighting”
Favorite Book”  “Honor Harrington”  

Nicole first went out for the wrestling team at Warren High School in 2004. She had come off a season on the football team thinking football was the hardest sport the high school had to offer. The former captain of the wrestling team asked her one day “why do you play football?” Her response that it was hard prompted an intro to the sport of wrestling, and she ended up on the wrestling team that season.

She had two years of wrestling experience in high school, now she is wrestling at Cerritos College where she is hoping to break the lineup. She is a biology/journalism major and hopes to someday write for National Geographic.

The entries posted here are real life occurences in the life of a female collegiate wrestler.


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